General Information for Suppliers

To a sustainable future with INNIO suppliers

As a global provider of energy services, equipment and digital solutions across the energy value chain, we are always looking for new energy sources and better energy solutions that offer industry-leading emission levels and reduced carbon footprints to support our customers and their communities. Many of our products have passed stringent sustainability tests for efficiency and energy savings.

Our continued progress on disruptive technology innovation drives our increased competitiveness across diverse global energy segments. Moreover, we give back by supporting and contributing to efforts that make our communities safer, cleaner and better places to live and work.

Below you can find relevant guidelines and resources related to Sustainability.

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Our Invoicing Tool

All your INNIO invoices, open tasks and important business information at one place. Got a question? Basware Knowledge Base provides a wealth of information. If you need personalized help, you can contact Basware Ticketing directly.

Below you can find relevant guidelines and helpful resources related to Basware.


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SupplyOn: Our Supplier Collaboration Tool

Managing and collaborating our Supply Chains efficiently, resiliently and sustainably. Are you already part of it?

Below you can find relevant guidelines and resources related to SupplyOn.


Supplier Quality

At INNIO we are committed to Quality in everything we do. An integral part of how we conduct business, Quality empowers us to deliver superior energy solutions and services. And it starts right here, with our Supply Base.

Best in class product and service Quality can only be achieved as a team. Thank you for your commitment to improving Quality for our customers every day.

Please find below helpful resources such as our detailed Supplier Defect Claim process and more.

Media Library

Media Library

To meet the customer needs in all kinds of gas engine applications, it is essential that our suppliers fulfill the same standards as we set for ourselves. You will find more important documents for the purchasing process, such as INNIO Terms & Conditions, below:

INNIO’s Jenbacher brand provides sustainable and economical power for businesses and industries ready to invest in a green hydrogen future. All relevant purchasing documents can be found here!

INNIO’s Waukesha inaugural technology still sets an industry standard for reliable gas compression and power generation in the most challenging and remote environment. Find relevant purchasing documents here!